Green IT Infastructure

A Green I.T. Strategy

Going green with your I.T. department can deliver both environmental and financial savings. DRACS employs a team of experts in this field and provides custom solutions for each of our clients through BladeCenter technology, Virtualization and Optimization of Data Centers and more efficient Data Storage techniques. DRACS also has the ability to free up your I.T. budget through our I.T. Liquidation and Equipment Return Programs. We are value added resellers and strategic business partners with IBM, VMware, Oracle and Force10 Networks.

Green IT Infastructure     Net Environmental Impact
The net environmental impact of these small changes over 10 years is astounding:

Quick Facts
•I.T. accounts for 2% of total CO2 emissions
•Energy efficient office equipment can cut costs
•VOIP reduces cabling infrastructure
•MFP’s reduce redundant equipment
•Green I.T. Benefits
•Reduced Energy Costs
•More efficient equipment operation
•Streamlined I.T. Processes
•Increased Collaboration
•More efficient interaction with supplies and customers to reduce carbon footprint
•Reduce emissions from unnecessary travel
•Greater Corporate Citizenship
•First Order
•Paper Use
•Environmental Control Systems
•That Copier You Own is Not Free
•Energy Cost

To learn how energy efficient your organization is, request a DRACS Green Assessment today.

Contact us today about a green assessment today!
Green I.T. Assessment
Reducing your I.T. energy consumption and waste begins first with the understanding of your current situation. DRACS will analyze your current I.T. strengths, environmental impact / inefficiencies and provide meaningful recommendations around how you can cut costs and reduce your environmental footprint.

BladeCenters / Servers

DRACS is your partner for network solutions.  We combine a full portfolio of hardware, such as blade servers, with professional installation services and responsive ongoing support.

Blade Servers Make Sense

A blade server is a high-density alternative to a conventional server.  A blade enclosure houses multiple modular circuit boards known as blades, each of which is an actual server itself.

The blade enclosure relieves the individual blades of many of their needs by handling all the power, cooling and networking requirements for the blades.  By centralizing and consolidating these tasks in the enclosure, each individual blade server is much smaller than traditional servers. Because of this density, you can have more than double the servers in the same space as traditional servers. In other words, you can cut the space required to store, manage and cool your servers in half.

Blade Servers are Efficient

Traditional servers have components that are bulky, heat producing and space-consuming, duplicated across multiple computers that may not even be performing at capacity.  By consolidating these services and sharing them between multiple blade servers, the overall utilization is more efficient as the redundant energy and space consuming components are eliminated.  Less energy consumed, less CO2 produced.  But that’s not all.

Blade Servers Cut Costs

Blade servers save you money and save the environment.  Consider the facts:
•The average server consumes 234 KWh of electricity per month
•The annual cost to power the server is $300
•A server room with 50 servers costs $15,000 per year to power
•A blade server cuts power usage by 30% at minimum.

In addition, due to blade servers’ compact design you can cut 75% or more from your cabling requirements, resulting in less cabling cost as well as reducing troubleshooting time.


Here are a few reasons why we at DRACS like Virtualization:

Reduce Energy Costs and Drive Green I.T. Initiatives and reduce overheads

1.      Reduce energy costs by 80%.

2.      Power down servers without affecting applications or users

3.      Green your datacenter while decreasing costs and improving service levels

Improve your I.T. Resources

1.      Increase utilization of existing hardware from 5-15% up to 80%

2.      Reduce hardware requirements by a 10:1 ratio or better

 Improve availability of applications and services

 Secure your data and infrastructure from risks

1.      Recover from disasters rapidly

2.      Ensure reliable disaster recovery

3.      Reduce the cost of disaster recovery

4.      Automate disaster recovery

Reduce Software License Requirements



Keep your data safe, keep it available

With the ever increasing need for greater storage capability, technology has made great strides in the last few years in terms of capacity, performance, reliability, and maintainability, meaning less down time for your business.

Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is redefining the way data is stored and shared.  Rather than adding or replacing drives in file servers to meet additional storage needs - a costly and time consuming proposition - NAS enables storage appliances to be connected quickly and inexpensively directly to your network.  Adding an NAS appliance eliminates the need to bring down your server to add storage.  So no more downtime and I.T. overtime!  Just improved efficiency.

Storage Area Networks

No other approach to storage offers the impressive capabilities and benefits of Storage Area Networks (SANs).

What is a SAN?

Storage Area Network (SAN) is an information infrastructure dedicated entirely to providing storage and storage management capabilities for an enterprise.  It typically connects one or more systems from one or more vendors to storage devices and subsystems.

Why Should I be Interested in SANs?

Because SANs are dedicated entirely to storage and use fast Fibre Channel interconnect technology.  They deliver levels of performance, speed and flexibility that are simply unavailable from previous-generation approaches.

I. T. Liquidation – Equipment Return Program

Do you have excess equipment?  If so, than DRACS can help maximize your cash recovery.  We recognize that continual upgrades as well as changes in corporate infrastructure, such as acquisitions, mergers, relocations or downsizing, create a surplus of used equipment.  DRACS will provide cash or aggressive trade-in credits.

Through the "Equipment Return Program" all equipment considered current network standard can be reconditioned back to the original operating specifications or used towards an aggressive trade-in.  This program substantially reduces the cost of purchasing hardware that is already owned. All equipment that is not used in current operations can be purchased by DRACS providing you value for nonessential equipment.

We go the extra mile to insure that our clients have data security through removing ALL customer data from every storage device before it can be resold by performing data wipes to DOD 5220-22M standards.  Any defective drives that cannot be cleansed are destroyed through certified data destruction procedures.  Our group randomly selects and sends hard drives to an independent third party data recovery specialist to verify that our processes leave no recoverable data.  We understand that data security is the most important aspect in the recycling process and we treat it that way!

We insure that your assets will be properly disposed of in an environmental safe manner.  All equipment that cannot be salvaged for resale or reuse will be sent our EPA registered recycling partners who are available to take everything that we deem as electronic scrap.  Our group will separate and recover all of the raw materials to be reused for manufacturing of new products. Our recycling partner is ISO 9001 certified and maintains a highly professional facility and does not export any electronic waste for scrap recycling outside of the United States.  Our group has the knowledge of all government regulations to ensure that all of our customer’s assets are handles with 100% legal compliance and take all of the liability away from our clients.
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