Main Industries

DRACS works with leading companies in a wide range of industries to provide excellence in world-class IT staffing solutions and services. Our specialized industry focus allows us to understand the issues and challenges within your competitive space, and gives us the ability to adapt to and meet your needs with solutions that will take your organization to the next level past your competitors.

Today's competitive market place requires manufacturers to transition into new technologies...
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DRACS Consulting Group can help your educational institution deploy the right people...
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Financial Services & Insurance
DRACS’ knowledge of veteran financial experts, proven methodologies...
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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
DRACS  has experience and expertise in delivering healthcare/pharmaceutical solutions...
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Hospitality & Entertainment
DRACS will assist you in developing the solution that enhances your existing online services...
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DRACS Consulting Group can help your government agency deploy the right people to accomplish whatever goals it has...
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DRACS works closely with you as a part of the team, our consultants help you to identify a solution that will meet your targets...
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Adv Tech Supply Chain & RFID
DRACS’ RFID, UID, AID, Active, Passive, Open Loop...
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DRACS enhances your existing online services and integrates with your existing business practices and systems...
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Transportation & Logistics
DRACS delivers solutions that bring improvement for your business processes...
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DRACS’ leverages our knowledge of veteran utilities experts, proven methodologies...
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