Manufacturing Solutons

DRACS Consulting Group can help your manufacturing rise to the level of your industries top movers. DRACS’ Advanced Business Technology group leverages our knowledge of veteran SOA manufacturing experts, proven methodologies, and industry best practices to help you meet your business and technical requirements.

DRACS will successfully deploy industry experts with capabilities from discrete to process manufacturing. DRACS will provide IT superiority, into every area of your operation, with the best technology and business process practices in enterprise resource development, supply chain integration, and customer relationship management for your manufacturing operation.

Manufacturing Solutions   Your supply chain needs are more complex than ever before. As your business expands into the global market it will need to meet a whole new diverse and strict set of safety and environmental regulations. To meet these new sets of needs you will need a much more capable set of management and internal processes. All the while you need to roll out products faster and cheaper then ever before.
DRACS solutions will improve customer relations by making them more responsive and flexible while lowering costs and increasing regulatory compliance at the same time!

DRACS RFID solutions fully unchain this state of the art technology’s capabilities by linking both corporate responsiveness and operational procedures to make you more competitive. DRACS solutions are cost efficient and are rapidly deployed to companies needing to implement mandated retail compliance processes and procedures.
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